Are video games ruining tabletop?

I saw a Reddit post recently talking about different builds for barbarians, but they didn’t call them that, they said “Barbs”. Why did this bother me so much? I shouldn’t have even noticed, but here’s the thing, jargon is just the beginning.

The post was about “builds”, there are hundreds of these posts a day. This build, that build, muticlass builds, homebrew builds. I think its a video game thing, in a video game you can build an optimized character that might gave you a slight edge over the games pre-written code, which may or may not make the game more fun to play. In D&D, it’s just you and the DM. You cannot win an arms race with the DM, the stronger your character is, the stronger the enemy becomes. Maybe you’re not racing the DM, what if you’re racing your party members? Are you trying to hog the combat spotlight? Maybe you’re just trying to keep up because they’re already the min-max king. Either way, it seems like you’re just playing to “win”.

“Barb”? “Gish”? “PalLock”? Its like of league of legends, where there is a whole new language you have to learn if you want to play.

Backstory, personality, religion… Roleplay, take a backseat, there’s a new game in town.



Guess how much coins weigh

Lets say your table uses the encumbrance rules. Have you ever weighed out all that cash in your back pocket?

50 coins of any denomination weigh 1 lb.

A chest can hold 300 lbs of gear, or 15,000 coins. which means it will hold 150 gp if you fill it with copper, or up to 150,000 gp if you fill it with platinum. Either way, if you include the 25 lb the chest weighs, that’s 325 lbs that somebody has to deal with.

A belt pouch (1lb) can hold 300 coins (6 lbs), hopefully the weight doesn’t pull your pants down .


Home made character sheet

I’ve never been a big fan of the default 5e character sheet for a few reasons, so I spent some time makingĀ one for myself using ‘nbos character sheet designer’.

Here’s why I like it.

  1. Its simple design saves printer ink.
  2. It doesn’t have boxes for personality traits, ideals, bonds or flaws (I have never used them).
  3. It has larger boxes for equipment, features and traits.
  4. The boxes for modifiers and currency are more clearly labeled which helps new players.

I hope you like it too.