There are older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of the world.

While wandering through some underground passage, you find a dead adventurer. You think that today is your lucky day because although his armor is rusty, perhaps there’s something good in his pockets!

As you reach down to claim your prize, the rust begins to climb its way up your arm and you realize far too late that it was never rust at all.

Never forget that the life of an adventurer is often a short one and there are far worse deaths than a goblin arrow.


Buying consumable items

I’ve found another sidebar for you. Found in the depths of Xanathars guide to everything is this little table. Buying magic items isn’t always easy (and it’s never cheap) but if you can find them, this guide may help with prices.

5000 gp is quite a price to pay for 10d4+20 healing.


Spellbook alternatives

The AD&D 2e Complete wizards handbook is a great read for anyone playing a mage in 5e. The above passage mentions the idea of using a gemstone instead of the traditional leather bound spellbook.

Whether this item would be an improvement on the standard or simply re-flavoured for style, these “long lost” ideas still have a place at the table.


Special materials

Adamantine weapons (10 pieces of ammunition)

Normal hits against objects are critical hits.
+500 Gp cost.
(pg 78 Xanathars)

Adamantine armor
Critical hits against you are normal hits.
+500 Gp cost.
(pg 150 DMG)

Mithral armor
Does not impose disadvantage on stealth checks.
No strength requirement to wear.
+500 Gp cost
(pg 182 DMG)

Mithral weapons (10 pieces of ammunition)
Half normal weight.
+500 Gp cost.
(House rule)

Silvered weapons (10 pieces of ammunition)
More effective against certain enemies.
+100 Gp cost.
(pg 148 PHB)

Darkwood weapons (10 pieces of ammunition)
Half normal weight.
+500 Gp cost.
(House rule)

I wish you the best in all your violent endeavors.


Uncommon races

The PHB has this interesting sidebar on page 33. I try to keep a Tolkien-ish atmosphere to my world and the first two paragraphs of this sidebar perfectly express my stance on uncommon races. It’s not necessarily that these races don’t exist at all, it’s just that they are very unlikely to be encountered.

This of course doesn’t represent every table, just mine.